Which type of saree is best for a wedding?

Which type of saree is best for a wedding?

When the wedding bells start ringing, a lot of things will come to your mind. This includes clothing, decorations, rituals, feasts, and so much more. But the wedding saree is sacrosanct for the Indian bride. So, it is integral to this auspicious ceremony that signifies her entry into married life.

This is an age-old tradition in India. Even Indian brides settled abroad to try their best to follow this tradition. Whether it’s the wedding drape, the bridegroom’s gift to the bride, the sarees worn by the bride’s & groom’s family or other women participating, the saree is at the centre of the wedding ceremony. 

For weddings, silk sarees reign supreme. They have a status which no other sarees have. A wedding silk saree is purchased new or handed down from a mother to her bride-to-be daughter.

Hence, there are wedding sarees which are handed down over many generations without any wear and tear. Thanks to silk’s durability! 

A silk saree feels comfortable on the wearer in any climatic conditions. The other unique properties include softness, light-weightedness, and a luxurious look and feel. Now, you would have understood why silk sarees get all the attention, especially at weddings. They come from all parts of India and hence, carry their regional uniqueness with them.

Though the regional silk saree is popular across various regions in India, women have been bold enough to experiment with the various regional varieties that India offers. The silk sarees are popular at weddings, including Banarasi, Pochampally, Kanjivaram and more. 

Prominent silk sarees used in weddings

With silk sarees dominating the wedding space, let’s look at the various silk sarees in use.   

  1. Banarasi: An extremely famous wedding saree that originated in Varanasi (Banaras). It’s famous for its brocade weaving using the zari technique.
  2. Pochampally: Originating from the Pochampally region of Telangana, this silk saree is a double ikat weave famous for its unique geometric patterns. The tedious weaving process adds high value and status to it.
  3. Patola: Just like Pochampally, it’s a double ikat weave saree. The weaving process takes up to six months and so is a high-quality weave. 
  4. Kanjivaram: Who wouldn’t love a Kanjivaram? This wedding saree is known for its elegance, vibrant colours and designs. So, you would know that better through experience. 
  5. Mysore Silk: If it’s the purest of pure silk sarees, you could say Mysore Silk. Quality defines this gorgeous wedding saree.
  6. Paithani: The dream wedding drape of a Maharashtrian girl, Paithani is a combination of silk and golden zari. Dyed only in natural colours, their Pallu and Borders are their highlights. Hence, simplicity meets richness!

These silk wedding sarees are among the most sought-after. For women, they’re the life of the wedding. The sarees discussed tell us the secret too!

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