What colour sarees represent the monsoon season?

What colour sarees represent the monsoon season?

Monsoon is a very unique season in India. It follows the summer season and brings huge respite to people from the summer heat. It is also known as the most romantic of all seasons, as couples or people generally feel very relaxed. 

Women prefer wearing sarees of particular colours during this season. These colours complement the season and the nuances that it brings along. 

We are all familiar with the beauty and elegance of the saree. They vary in their utility, such as daily wear, special occasions, or going for a walk. They can be worn in all seasons, but all sarees don’t suit all seasons. As the monsoons bring in dampness and slushy dirt, there are sarees that you can easily walk around or do your activities in. 

Saree colours that suit the monsoon

The monsoon is a season with less sunlight and dirty roads. So, you can choose a colour that suits your persona and the season. 

Light colours and pastel shades aren't recommended for this season as they can get dirty very easily. Even a drop of muddy splash can show up prominently on the saree. However attractive these colours may be, it's ideal to stay away from them. 

Rather wear dark colours or vibrant tones. They include yellow, orange, pink, purple, maroon, rust, emerald green and blue shades. This ensures you walk around tension free while looking attractive. 

Most suitable sarees in monsoon

In different seasons, you would usually wear sarees that make you feel comfortable walking around and doing activities. For example, in summer, it would be breathable and lightweight sarees. Similarly, in monsoons, there are sarees which would make you feel comfortable while allowing mobility. This includes lightweight and water-resistant properties. Let’s take a look at these sarees - 

  1.  Georgette sarees: These sarees are great for the monsoon season as they are water resistant. Also, georgette is known for its beautiful and bold looks. Hence, you benefit from its comfort and style.
  2.  Organza sarees: This saree is perfect for all your monsoon events, such as weddings, parties and other special or social occasions. Its water-resistant properties, softness and gorgeous prints enhance your beauty and give you the appearance of a Goddess.
  3. Crepe sarees: These sarees are very appealing to young women due to their unique sheen. It is delicate on the body and has a luxurious look like silk sarees that enhances your beauty.
  4. Net sarees: These sarees are the best party wear you can find for the monsoons. They are very waterproof, non-sticky and the lightest in weight. 
  5. Chiffon sarees: They are highly breathable and lightweight. Also, their quick-dry property helps you dry up quickly if you get wet. Highly preferred during the monsoons.

Your monsoon saree choice could make a big difference to your comfort level and how it enhances your beauty or attractiveness. Select your monsoon sarees wisely.

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