An Easy Guide on Safely Storing and Preserving Kanchipuram Sarees

An Easy Guide on Safely Storing and Preserving Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram sarees are famous for their appearance, sheen, strength and durability. They exude a richness that makes you the centre of attraction. They’re famous for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, etc., especially in Southern India. But with time, they’ve found their way all over India and even the world. 

They are also known as Kanchi Pattu or Kanjivaram. Its very name evokes a sense of elegance, richness and respect. But these special sarees also need extraordinary care. 

Washing of Kanchipuram sarees:

  1. Kanchipuram sarees must always be given the dry cleaning preference once they become dirty or even if you’ve worn them a few times. Once after every two to three uses is ideal.

  2. Following every use, it would be better if you air your Kanchipuram saree. This is apart from the dry cleaning. Also, you may use a roller iron to flatten the folds that are formed from wearing them.

  3. Stains on your Kanchipuram saree will require a spot-cleaning method:
  • A wet cotton ball can help you remove simple water-soluble stains, and in the case of dark-coloured sarees, you can use a solvent such as acetone or its equivalent.
  •   In case of greasy stains, apply talcum powder over the stain for light-coloured sarees and dust off the powder after it absorbs. If the grease remains, try the same insolvent method as cleaning water-soluble stains.

How to safely store your Kanchipuram saree:

Follow these simple ways to store your Kanchipuram saree safely:

  • Saree folding: The zari of your saree is quite sensitive and, hence, requires good care. Fold it inwards to avoid damage. Also, avoid wrinkles while folding it.

  • Air your saree: After you finish wearing your saree, make sure you air-treat it to remove any dust or moisture. Also, do it every two or three months to maintain the quality.

  • Avoid sunlight: Store your saree in a dark and dry place to prevent it from losing its colour or sheen.

  • Proper wrapping: Make sure you wrap your saree in a muslin cloth for its longevity.

  • General maintenance tips for Kanchipuram Sarees:

    1. Avoid washing a Kanchipuram saree in a washing machine. But if you intend to do so, use only the delicate mode. 
    2. Never soak the saree in water for long due to issues with wear and tear. Also, soak only one saree in a bucket at a time.
    3. Avoid brushing the saree.
    4. Avoid using a steam iron.
    5. Ideally, use a cotton cloth between your saree and iron box when ironing. 
    6. Iron at low temperatures.
    7. Use mothballs in your cupboard or drawer corners to keep bugs away.
    8. Avoid plastic bag storage as they accumulates humidity.

    Thus, making the extra effort to maintain your Kanchipuram saree ensures that you feel the difference during special occasions. And yes, of course, you would love to feel special at those moments. Feel the Kanchipuram magic.

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