A Fashionista's Guide to the Latest Saree Trends and Designs.

A Fashionista's Guide to the Latest Saree Trends and Designs.

Saree trends and designs are quite dynamic in today’s society. Women love experimenting with new trends or designs that weavers or designers introduce in the market. Some of these may be traditional designs not in use for the past many decades. 

Sarees have their unique charm from house wear to those worn for special occasions. So, this can be said to start from the basic cotton saree to the famed Benarasi silk or Kanchipuram silk sarees. 

Sarees have a legacy that goes back beyond 5000 years. Hence, over the period, they’ve witnessed many changes in designs and trends depending on the situations. 

Perhaps no other type of women's clothing has been able to generate the level of interest that sarees have with their varied designs, colours, draping styles and fabric materials. 

Latest saree trends and designs

The trending sarees and designs as of 2023 are as below

  1. Multi-colour sarees: These sarees have turned the tables with a break from the previous monochromatic trends. Their colourful looks with multi-coloured blocks, waves or patterns make you look alive.
  2. Double fabric sarees: If you’re looking for exceptional sarees, this is a must-try. Designers pair together two different fabrics, such as georgette with net or velvet, to create stunningly designed sarees.
  3. Concept sarees: These sarees are easy to drape and carry around, especially if creating pleats isn’t your skill. They still give you the normal saree looks with its stylish outline. So, there is no need to worry about falling pleats or pallu adjustments here.
  4. Thin border sarees: They are the style statement of the season. Hence, in comparison to the thick and big borders, thin-bordered sarees have become trendsetters. 
  5. Pastel silk sarees: These sarees are becoming increasingly popular among young women, especially due to their adaptability to any situation and their silky smooth feeling. They match any skin tone or body type.
  6. Net sarees: These sarees have a sheer elegance of their own with their lightweight and translucent fabric. You’ll surely stand out.
  7. Organza sarees: Make a stunning style statement in these sarees with their sheer and translucent texture, which incorporates elements such as intricate embroidery, sequins and beadwork. You'll surely stand out in parties and corporate events.
  8. Chiffon sarees: Be it a formal event or casual outing, these multi-coloured and delicate drapes with their floral prints, embellishments and pleats will stun you with their fluidity. 
Other saree trends of the season
  1. Dola silk sarees: These versatile sarees are known for their rich texture and smooth finish. It gives you a chic and sophisticated look, whether at a festival or formal event, with its wide range of colours and designs. 
  2. Sequin sarees: These sarees are highly in demand by women for parties and special functions for the attention they generate. The sequins that adorn these sarees reflect light, making the wearer quickly noticeable. 

Other well-known saree trends that still remain popular for a long time include the likes of Benarasi, Kanchipuram, Leheriya, Floral Embroidery sarees, etc. 

Thus, sarees have always been held in high esteem, irrespective of culture.

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